Bold Company

Intermediate to Advanced dancers

Ages 7- 10 years old

Competition Teams and Companies 

Rise Company

Advanced dancers

Ages 14-18 years old

At Forever Dance, we believe there are many positive aspects of being on a competition team or company. The thrill of competition is only one reason to become a competitive dancer. Being a good team player, the importance of dedication and following through on your commitments, the joy of success and the determination after a defeat, and the bond you gain with your teammates and teachers are among the many lessons and qualities that you will gain and will stay with you for the rest of your life.


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There will be a 10% discount on your total tuition for those families with more than two company members 15% for three or more.

Clarity Company

Intermediate to Advanced dancer

Ages 11-13

Bliss Company

Beginning to Intermediate dancers

Ages 5-9

All Company Audition June 3rd and 4th

Joy Team

Beginning dancers

Ages 5-9

Conquer Company

Intermediate to Advanced dancers

Ages 14-18

Empower Team

Beginning dancers

Ages 11-15