Three days a week for a total of 10-12 hours each week (option to add on). Conquer Company will learn. They will learn Ballet, Technique, Strength and Conditioning, Movement Quality, Hip Hop Routine, Lyrical Routine, Jazz Routine, Character, Show Routine, and Contemporary. the will learn Five dances throughout the season, compete at four competitions, perform at the winter competition preview as well as other performance opportunities throughout the season, and the end of season Recital. Conquer company members will need to buy a company package which includes Costumes Fees, Choreography fees, prop fees, Company Jacket, Company Leggings, Company leotard, Company tank top, Dance Bag, and performance makeup. Recital fee and Competition fees will be announced at a later date. The company fee can be split in to payments over three months and fundraisers will be provided to help cover this cost.

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