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Telley Carlson

Telley, originally from South Jordan, Utah, has had extensive training in jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, military, and ballet. In high school, she danced on the Bingham High School Minerettes. While she was on the team, the Minerettes won 3 State Championships, and 3 National Championships. During her dance career, she has also won many awards for her solo routines. Telley is a former member of the prestigious, BYU Cougarettes. She served as an officer on the team when they won their 8th national title. After graduating in Elementary Education, she helped coach the Bingham Minerettes to several state and national titles. Telley has taught and choreographed hip-hop, jazz, military, contemporary, and lyrical routines for multiple studios and schools around the country for over 14 years, earning multiple awards for her choreography. Telley enjoys teaching, spending time with her family, and traveling.